The summary statistics below provide an overview of global trade protection activity between 1995 and 2014.  This includes anti-dumping, countervailing duties (anti-subsidy) and safeguards.  Activity is measured by the number of cases initiated.

New figures for 2015 are available in the latest Global Trade Protection report.  This can be requested by email from 

Global anti-dumping trends

Anti-Dumping initiations fell in 2014 but remain at similar levels to past decade.

ad init

Main users of anti-dumping

Brazil and India were the two biggest users of anti-dumping in 2014.

India 38
Brazil 35
Australia 22
US 19
EU 14
Mexico 14
Canada 13
Indonesia 12
Turkey 12

Main targets of anti-dumping

China remains by far the biggest target in 2014

Top 10 targets of AD investigations for 2014

China 63
South Korea 18
India 15
Chinese Taipei 13
USA 11
Malaysia 10
Thailand 9
EU 8
Turkey 8
Japan 7

Sectors targeted

The sectors involved in AD investigations for the first six months in 2014 were as follows:

ad sect 

 Global Countervailing Duty Trends

Initiations of CVD/anti-subsidy investigations saw a record high since the WTO came into existence.

cvd init

The sectors involved in 2014 CVD investigations were as follows:

cvd sect

Trends in Safeguard Activity

ADP sg init

Safeguard activity remains relatively high, though below the highs of 2000 and 2002.


Sectors involved in 2014 safeguard investigationssg sect


Data Sources: WTO (re-presented by antidumping  Thank you also to the following law firms for their assistance in compiling trade protection statistics: Argentina (Allende & Brea), China (T&D Associates), Colombia (Araújo Ibarra), India(TPM Consultants), South Korea (KPMG Korea), Turkey (PROMAYA).

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