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The Global Anti-Dumping Manual is a practical handbook covering all aspects of anti-dumping.  This includes over 300 pages of easy to understand explanation in a user friendly format.

The online nature of the manual allows regular updating so that it is never out of date.

A comprehensive and intuitive resource making all key issues accessible and understandable.

Specific sections written for exporters, applicants/petitioners and investigating authorities.

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This part of the premium content contains the legislation of 78 countries.

Thousands of pages of legislation, each law indexed and downloadable in PDF format.

Up to date for all legislation notified to WTO by members including in 2016.

Toolkit to approach the legislation of any country with country by country pages.

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This section contains the unique ‘Dumping Risk Assessment Tool’ as well as various document templates and briefing notes.  

Also includes detailed dumping calculation examples (in downloadable spreadsheets).

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