has the following benefits for anti-dumping authorities:

  • Comprehensive manual covering all aspects of the substance and procedures of the WTO anti-dumping agreement.
  • Includes key jurisprudence from WTO Panel and Appellate Body reports,
  • Allows investigating authorities to maximise the possibility that any future panel would find their determinations in conformity with WTO provisions.
  • Accessible to beginners in the subject, making the GADM an extremely useful resource for new anti-dumping officials.
  • Specific notes for investigating authorities highlighting key issues.
  • Advice on setting up an anti-dumping unit
  • Practical advice on key procedural investigation issues e.g. questionnaires, verification, deciding the level of duty etc.
  • Detailed guidance on making dumping and injury determinations.
  • Includes unique dumping calculation examples using downloadable excel spreadsheets.  
  • Actual formats of dumping calculations can be used by investigating authorities to make their own calculations.

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