Since 1995 there have been more than 4,500 anti-dumping investigations initiated by 47 countries.  An additional 30 countries have anti-dumping legislation but have not yet used it.  For exporting companies that sell significant quantities on overseas markets, anti-dumping law and investigations can become a major obstacle to doing business. provides the following benefits for exporters:

  • Demystifies a complicated topic in an intuitive way, accessible to people who have no previous experience of anti-dumping
  • Notes for exporters – a dedicated section of the GADM highlighting key issues for exporters.
  • Unique dumping calculation examples to provide a detailed understanding of how a dumping calculation works.  These are provided in excel spreadsheets, meaning that users can insert their own figures in the calculations.
  • Dumping risk assessment tool – a detailed strategy for assessing the risk of dumping problems including how to assess whether prices have a high risk of being considered dumped.
  • Practical issues in avoiding anti-dumping problems.
  • Strategies to reduce the risk of anti-dumping investigations.
  • How an exporter can protect their interests in an anti-dumping investigation.
  • Injury submission template – what to include in an effective injury submission during an antidumping  investigation
  • Toolkit to access any country’s anti-dumping legislation.

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