has existed since January 2006 and has become a leading global resource on anti-dumping. As regular users will know, the intention has always been to provide premium content in addition to the already available free resources. During this period, however, I was also building up a specialist anti-dumping consultancy, Cliff Stevenson Consulting. It meant that the website was often secondary to more pressing anti-dumping assignments.

I am pleased to announce that I have recently decided to dedicate time to getting the premium content up and running. In the past few months I have undertaken a full review of all options for the future service. The new service will go live around Summer 2014. Before that, the design of the site and the free resources will be refreshed and upgraded. This will include a new anti-dumping news section, previously one of the most popular sections of the site.

Exciting times are ahead for those in need of specialised anti-dumping information and training!

Please contact me if you have any questions or, indeed, if you have any comments on what would be useful to you in the relaunced service.

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