Important Announcement June 2017 – Due to increased consulting work on Brexit I am no longer able to fully commit to keeping  Thank you to all the lovely comments that I have had from subscribers and users who are sad to see this service cease. FT23.5.16

Subscription to antidumping includes unlimited access to the following:

  • Global Anti-Dumping Manual – simplifies and explains the complex world of anti-dumping.  Constantly updated and never out of date.
  • Instant access to over 300 pages of explanatory content broken down into simple to understand sections.
  • Global Anti-Dumping Legislation – contains legislation of 78 countries, each law indexed and downloadable in PDF format.
  • Toolkit to approach the legislation of any country with country by country pages.

  • Global Anti-Dumping Tools – Unique resources including anti-dumping calculation tools, practical templates (e.g. injury submission, application), and the dumping risk assessment tool. All designed for ease of use by lawyers, exporters, applicants and investigating authorities.
  • Direct access to one of the world’s leading experts if any concept is not clear.

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Premium resources for exporters, applicants, investigating authorities, and lawyers.

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